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Beastybats and Balderdash

Beastybats & Balderdash: If I Were Rapunzel

If I were Rapunzel, I’d build a door,” Margaret told her sister, brushing a coat of sparkly blue polish across her nails. “Instead of sitting around waiting for some prince to rescue me.”

Lucinda put down her own bottle of Dreamsicle pink and looked frustrated. “Rapunzel couldn’t build a door,” she said, waving her nails to dry. “She didn’t have any tools up there, plus it was too high up, plus the witch was evil and would’ve stopped at nothing to keep her enslaved.”

Margaret gave her big sister a look of pity and frustration; she knew Lucinda was closer to grown than young, so it wasn’t her fault she’d forgotten the truth about things. Still, her doubt was tiresome.

You can always build a door,” Margaret explained, trying to save her sister from a life of mundanity.

The only trouble comes from thinking that you can’t.”

Lucinda shrugged her shoulders and turned on the television; Margaret made a mental note to herself:

Never forget about Rapunzel and those doors.

Beastybats and Balderdash

Beastybats & Balderdash: The Path of Shadows

She didn’t notice the troll until he leapt out in front of her, blocking the tunnel’s threshold.

It looks like a regular tunnel but it isn’t,” he warned, wagging his crooked finger in her face. “All your hopes and dreams lie at the end of it, but you’ll have to wade through a darkness you’ve never known to get there.”

The little girl looked at the tunnel and then back at the troll.

Are you sure?” she asked, searching his face for a lie, for she had wise parents who had taught her about trolls and trickery.

Quite,” he smiled, stroking his beard and curling the tip of it around his pinky finger.

You can never come back this way again and the tunnel is very long or very short or something all twisted up on itself like you’ve hardly imagined at all. You’ll just have to trust the path.”

And then, like most children before her, but very few grown ups, she strode confidently into the darkness.

Smart girl,” chuckled the troll, tucking himself back into the shadows.

Beastybats and Balderdash

Beastybats & Balderdash: The Place of No More Fear

Beastybats and Balderdash

Beastybats & Balderdash: The Road to Bremen

I‘ve never been to Bremen, if that’s what you’re wondering, so I can’t tell you how to get there.”

The woman paused. She had been about to climb up on the humble creature’s back, but she stopped to address the unusual statement.

I wasn’t wondering, and I don’t know why you’d think I would be wondering, about such a ridiculous thing.”

Because Bremen is a place of beauty and rest and freedom. I  assume everyone’s looking for it.”

The woman shook her head. “It never even occurred to me.”

The donkey was glad she had failed the test, because it was a long road to Bremen and his bones were weary.

Still, he looked at the woman with a hint of sadness: if she’d known what was important in life, she would have been looking for Bremen.

Beastybats and Balderdash

Beastybats & Balderdash: A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You

Time doesn’t really exist, y’know, and neither do ages.” Maggie thought her little sister should know the truth and no one else seemed eager to tell her. “It’s just an illusion, like magic tricks and stuff.”

Penny stared at her big sister without a hint of understanding, her head tilted slightly to keep the sparkly, gold crown aloft.

But I’m six today,” she insisted, her small self framed by balloons and a birthday banner and gifts piled high at the breakfast table. “Yesterday I was five and today I’m six.”

Not according to Einstein, you’re not.” Maggie glanced up to see if her words were having any effect — they weren’t.

Oh well, Happy Birthday anyway,” she mumbled, returning to her book.

Schroedinger’s cat would have to wait another year.

I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother 
and my incredible daughter….even if time is an illusion. 
Much love to you both, today and always!

Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, 
and we’ll meet now and then when we wish, 
in the midst of the one celebration that never can end.” 
~ Richard Bach

Beastybats and Balderdash

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